What version of PuTTY should I use with MTPuTTY?
We recommend version 0.61 or higher.
How can I leave terminal window after disconnect?
Select Tools->Settings from the main menu.
Set "On unexpected session termination" to "Leave PuTTY window"
Can I use Ctrl+PgUp/Ctrl+PgDown to switch between sessions?
Select Tools->Hotkeys to remap MTPuTTY hotkeys.
How can I split main screen to display several PuTTY sessions?
You can drag a tab and dock it e.g. to the edge of the main window.
How can I send the same command to multiple session?
Use Send Script window (Tools->Send script).
Can I suspend a script?
MTPuTTY can wait during script execution. Insert internal MTPuTTY command into the script:
where XXXX is a wait period in millisecond.



This script lists the files in the current directory and clears the screen after 2 seconds.

Can I connect a specific server (not listed in the tree)?
Select Server->Connect to from the main menu.
How can I popup PuTTY system menu?
Click right mouse button on the session tab or click WinMenu button when PuTTY session is focused.
Not all the command will be available in MTPuTTY and MTPuTTY adds some command to this menu.
When I use "Duplicate session" command from PuTTY system menu, a new session is created as a separate window. Can I attach it to MTPuTTY automatically?
You should use View->Duplicate (or select Duplicate from MTPuTTY system menu). In this case new session will inherit credentials and script from the source session.
Does the program save the configuration in the system registry?
No, it saves the configuration in mtputty.xml file.
Where mtputty.xml resides?
The default location is %User Profile%\Application Data\TTYPlus\mtputty.xml
If MTPuTTY runs in portable mode, mtputty.xml should be located in the program folder.
How can I run mtputty.exe from a flash drive?
Copy ptputty.exe to this drive and run it with /P parameter to create configuration file in the same folder. You can run it with /P parameter only once.
On next start if MTPuTTY finds mtputty.xml in its folder, it will use it. If you want to use your original mtputty.xml, just copy it to the flash drive (you don't need to run MTPuTTY with /P parameter in this case).
How can I duplicate servers listed in the tree?
There are 2 ways:
1) you can drag and drop a tree item with mouse (hold Ctrl to copy).
2) you can select a tree item, click right mouse button, press Copy to copy the item into clipboard. Subsequently you can paste this item as a new server.
I am creating mtputty.xml myself. How can I encrypt my passwords?
You can use XML tag "PlainPassword" instead of "Pasword". Specify your password under this tag as a plaintext. When you quit MTPuTTY, PlainPassword will be removed automatically, but your password will be saved encrypted.
Is MTPuTTY free?
Yes, it is free for both home and enterprise users.
Can you open the source codes?
No. Although it is freeware, it is not open source product.