Getting started with MTPuTTY

At first run of MTPuTTY, it may prompt you to specify the full path to PuTTY utility. Input the path into PuTTY location line (e.g. C:\NetUtils\putty.exe). Then the main MTPuTTY window will appear.

The left pane of the main window lists servers you will connect to.

To add a new connection, select Servers->Add server from the main menu. This will open Properties dialog.

PuTTY session defines the saved session in PuTTY configuration dialog. You can leave this field blank. If PuTTY saved session contains connection parameters (host, protocol and port), you should leave Server name, Protocol and Port fields blank.

Server name defines the name or IP address of the server you will connect to.

Protocol and port define connection protocol and port number. If you leave port number blank, PuTTY will use the default port for the selected protocol.

Input a user-friendly name into Display name field. MTPutty displays this name in the list of servers.

Input your login name in User name field. If you leave it blank, you will be prompted for your login name in PuTTY window.

We strongly recommend you to leave Password field blank and input password manually in PuTTY window.

Press OK to save your settings - your connection will be added to the list of servers.

Double click on the server name in the left pane - new Putty window will be started in a tab in the right pane of MTPuTTY.

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